Breakout the game
Crazy eight game with source code nice example
Dial example
Save the dog the game
3d Maze sample
This program is a must have!. It shows you how to create tile based games. You can use this for many games
This shows you how to make Msg Boxes in direct X Good example
This is a neat space invaders example with source
This is a tank game. The object is to get stars
This is a connect four game made in vb
This is a direct X example showing you how to make 3d People
This is a direct X example showing you how to make 3d Worlds
This is the direct X 7.0 table library
This is an animation example that shows you how to animate a person then blit him to the backround
Shows you how to detect colllisons
Shows you how to make a spaceship shoot!!
This is an advanced web browser
This is a system protector
This is a piece of code from Tom Robson that protects your software and increases your web hits by making people  come back to your site for the code
This shows you how to put animated cursors in VB
This shows you how to disable or enable anything like start , find , mycomputer and so on.
More Code!
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