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Check to see if sound card exists
This active x control allows you to center text, right, left, and center!
This shows you how to earse all the contents of a floppy drive
This shows you how to check if a file exists
This allows you only enter letters but not numbers
This allows you only enter numbers but not letters
This is a very cool text effect were at first there is a ton of spacing between the letters to no spacing.
This is a web page maker that I made kind of simple but so much could be done with it.
This shows how to make some cool form effects when the form loads and when the form unloads.
This shows how to format the floopy drive.
This file gets all cache passwords on your computer!
Make a hole in the middle of the form
This shows you how to make a pop up menu under a button.
How to change the font and color in the file menus.
How to have different skins for the window!
See how much free disk space you have left
Align icons on the desktop to the left
Make controls at run time!
This control allows you to open over 50 different image files and convert them to bitmaps.
This is a print preview control
print preview
Make the form centered
How to move the cursor
How to stop Aol 4.0 from stoping the connection after 15 minutes of no movement.
How to make random charecters
How to make random numbers
A random generater that has over 20,000 common words.
A snipplet that shows you how to download a file but don't get the file download box!
Another snipplet that shows you how to load another app in vb.
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