Java Games!

This is a baseball game

A space Game
Another space Game
A game where you shoot down UFO
I do not Know what you call this game
This is game where you drive a car  watch out for other cars a cool game
If you have a cool java game please send them to me here.
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This is Tetris a nice one player example!
Stop the revolt of insects conducted by the Centipede
You are a bombarder pilot.
But, your plane has been touched and you go down to crash. The only chance you have is to destroy all the building and land without your motor.
Good luck cap'tain !

Hebi, the little snake must eat all the apples to become bigger. But, be carreful, it must not eat itself.
Use the arrow key to move Hebi.
'New game' to begin a new game.
'Option' allows you to choose the difficulty ( from easy to hard ). Difficulty change the number of apples by level.
To keep your best score, your browser must accept cookies. 

What a hard work! Qbi must change the level cases' colors jumping from the one to the other. But, the other characters don't agree with it.
'New game' to begin a new game.

This is one of the best games in 3d!!!

An oldie but goodie. Play a game of checkers against the computer.

The object of Air Defense! is to protect your
town from enemy bombers with your tank. Use your mouse
to move back and forth and your mouse button to fire your weapon.

Just shoot the objects arrows move and space fires!

The object of Opong! is simply to maneuver
the game ball past the computer's paddle before
the computer gets the ball past your paddle.
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