Code Examples!
More code examples coming almost everyday!
This file gives the power to log off windows or shut it down
This file is a cd player
This file allows you to play sounds
This shows you how to make an image button
A good space invader game with code
This shows you how to make a tray icon
This applacation allows you to rotate tiles.
This makes the close button no longer works
This shows you how to get computer name and password
Get your local IPO
Shows you if you are conected  to the Internet
Shows you how to send email though vb
This is a chat program it requires winsock.ocx
This shows you how to disable control alt delete
This is a demostration of gravity
Shows you how to detect the cursor
Shows you a chat system and how to do multiplayer code
This gives you some of the winsock control features
Shows you how to make a time expired program
This program converts vb code to html
This is a registry editor with code
Shows you how to make the scrolling credits in the star wars movie
This shows you how to extract a picture or an icon to the form  in  the program
This an active x control that allows you to make custom buttons
This is the Direct X  6 table library file
Shows you how to open any text file
This is an odd solitare type game with source
This is a mask example program
This  shows you how to load an animated gif in vb!
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