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I started this site on March 22, 2000 I will continue to update this site as much as possible!
Welcome to my site! I will update it as much as possible!
December 1, 2004 New site up and running! Update your bookmarks to
Just need to finish transfering  some of the content.
New site allows you to submit your own game projects, articles, source code, and links.
November 28, 2004 Dedicated server has come in.  Working on updating should come up in a day or two.  If you want a dedicated server I suggest DotBlock or offers 2TB of transfer each month and if you enter this refferal code EQSGDEG66H you will save $100 after 3 months.
November 5, 2004 Working on recoding this site in php, new layout, I might have a beta of the site in a week or two. Also been working on website submitter pro just finishing it up.
October 19, 2004 Started offering some products Web Page Protector, GMD Recovery - a program that recovers your gamemaker games form exe to gmd,  Semi VB Decompiler, Memory Viewer,  and Web Army Knife.
For more information please click here
Other news working on a couple other things. Mainly RPGWO still I run the Phobos Server and host a couple other worlds.  Also working on some other projects decoding some file formats.
September 21, 2004 Been working on my Visual Basic Decompiler which you can find at
Improved P-Code decompiling.  I also would like to start an open source VB P-Code compiler, which could allow us to make our own versions of Visual Basic.  Other news to .Net or not to .Net its a matter of time for me before I completely switch over. Well I also just bought a dedicated sever for RPGWO. Now I need to find ways to pay for it, so I added some ads to my sites.
September 1, 2004 Released Semi VB Decompiler 0.03  Its pretty cool, tons of good information for people interested in VB6 Native/P-Code decompiling.  Little different than most decompiles since most of the opcodes are not hardcoded instead they are retrieved via COM using vb6.olb.  Been busy with RPGWO, work, school etc. Not much else going on.
If I get some time may recode the site. Just so much todo...
May 7,  2004  I have worked a little bit on the BlackHole
bringing the old vb rpg site back to life. I have been mainly working on my memory editor pro project and working on things for RPGWO.  Been getting into .Net lately. I have thinking about redoing the site in php but task of converting all these pages is huge.  But with summer coming I maybe able to work on it.
October 2, 2003 Well I am in college now.  I recently have been working on a couple of new projects a zelda game maker and zeldaonline.  I decided to finally go back to where i began this site with VBZelda.  I also recently got Visual my school has deal with Microsoft so we got it for free, i thought that was kind of cool.
April 15, 2003 I just opened a new site called The Black Hole it an rpg site for visual basic programmers.
Also I am thinking about redoing this entire site and redo in php like my new blackhole site.
October 17, 2002  I am in the process of getting a new website for Project X Online.  I got a really good deal from HostGator I paid such a low price for the features they had.
July 18,  2002 I have added some new sections like windows clsids and a free web site submitter.  I will be adding a lot more code this weekend to the site.
July 13,  2002 I have been doing many updates to the site added an assembly section , popup maker, thumbnail popup maker and much more!!
July 9,  2002 Well I have some good news i can now have more files on the site from 25mb to 75mb and the site will now be down less.    I also plan on adding more content and fixing dead links and adding other cool things.
June 7, 2002 I have released the source code to my online rpg called Project X Online. It is in VB6 format. You can find it at
March 16, 2002 I have a new web site for Project X Online. You can find it by clicking here.
February 17, 2002 I have just won second place in the VB Gaming Christmas Contest for Project X Online.  You can see my game here.  Wow we have reached over 100k people thank you everyone!!
January 2, 2002  A new year and a new time for updates to this site.  I have been working a lot on my big project called Project X you can find it here.
November 29, 2001  I am back I have trying to update this site for the last couple of months but I had run out of space.  Finally I found some files to delete.  I will be designing a new site for my online game called Project X Online it is done all i need is a high speed connection to host the game.
June 6, 2001  Well with school ending now. I should have a lot more time updating this site and working on Project X!
March 28, 2001  I have added more ASP code and Qbasic code examples!  I have also added free courses that you can take in Microsoft Visual Basic  C/C++  Microsoft SQL Server  UNIX Web Development and many more!
March 14, 2001  Added another page of code samples for vb!
Feb 4, 2001 You might have noticed the new layout.  I also added more code and a new message board!
Dec 10, 2000 I have more code and I am fixing up the site.  I have also added books that you can buy.
Nov 25, 2000 I am adding a new database to make it easier! You can see it here!

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Project X Online is an old project that I made many years ago the code is so old and it is hard to believe I have come so far now.
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One of the greatest 2d free rpg's ever made. I suggest you give it a try. I run the Phobos world on it.
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