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HTML Tools & Tips · Create Popup Windows

Here's how to add code to your page that will open up an additional page whenever someone views your page. Furthermore, the window that contains the additonal page is fully customizable. Here's how:

Script Name:

You can name this script anything you want. Choose something simple, like your first name, or something descriptive. The only restriction is that it can only be one word, with no spaces or special characters. If you plan on having more than one pop-up script on your page, each one must be named something different. For example: MyFirstPopUp.

Pop-Up Page's URL:

Enter the URL (address) of the page you'd like to have appear in the pop-up window. For example: http://www.google.com

Window Characteristics

Your pop-up window can be customized, just like the one that appeared when this page first loaded. If you'd like to customize the characteristics of your pop-up window, check the box below and select which attributes you'd like to alter.

Yes, I'd like to customize my pop-up window, according to the options below:

Height of window (in pixels)
Width of window (in pixels)
Hide Toolbar Yes
Hide Menu bar Yes
Hide Scroll bar Yes
Prevent window from being resized Yes
Hide Location bar Yes
Hide Directory bar Yes
Hide Status bar Yes

To Get The Code

Once you've entered all of the information in the fields above, click the 'Generate Code' button below, and you should see your code appear in the box at the bottom of this page.

To get this code, highlight all of it by clicking the button below:

Now that it's highlighted, CUT (keyboard shortcut: "CTRL+X") and PASTE (keyboard shortcut: "CTRL+V") the code into your editor.

Your Code: