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Creating Thumbnail Popups

Here's how to make a Thumbnail Pop-Up

What is your web site address?

For example, www.MyCoolSite.com or www.visualbasiczone.com

Choose a script name:

If you have more than one of these on your page, each one must have it's own, unique name. Also, you can only use letters or numbers.

Thumbnail image's name:

Examples: SmallFlower.gif, mypic_thumb.jpg, etc.

The smaller of the two images is called the 'thumbnail' image. It's a smaller version of the large image and is the one you want to have appearing on your page


When it's clicked, a Pop-Up window will appear with a different image in it.

Pop-Up image's name:

Examples: BigFlower.gif, mypic_full.jpg etc.

This is the name of the image file you'd like to appear in your Pop-Up window. Typically, it's the larger image of the two


Pop-up image's Width:

Pop-up image's Height:

How to determine the dimensions of your image:

  1. Use Paint.

To Get The Code:

Once you've entered all of the information in the fields above, click the 'Generate Code' button below, and you should see your code appear in the box at the bottom of this page.

To get the code, first highlight all of it by clicking the button below:

Now that it's highlighted, CUT (keyboard shortcut: "CTRL+X") and PASTE (keyboard shortcut: "CTRL+V") the code into your editor.

Your Code: